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Traveling can be very stressful especially when it is for medical reasons. Here at Bridgewater Women Center, we welcome international patients who desire to deliver, have surgery, or obtain medical care in the United States. We understand the importance of minimizing stress when seeking medical treatment, and do our very best to make that transition as swift as possible.

Dr. Bridgewater takes his education, from two ivy league universities, and his 26 years of experience as a physician in order to offer you the best care possible. Dr. Bridgewater, a Bahamian and U.S. citizen, is certified to practice in the United States and the Bahamas. During his career, he has provided international care to citizens of the Bahamas, Brazil, Cayman Islands, Honduras, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Turks Caicos Venezuela, and others. 

With this experience, we are well equipped to supply a turnkey plan that will provide smooth sailing throughout your journey. 

Once you register as a patient, we will assist you with your appointment scheduling, payment, legal birth documentation for your child, transferring of medical records as well as communication with your health care provider in your home country to ensure quality care. 

Should you require assistance in registering as a patient or have any questions regarding the international department, please contact us at 954-671-0111 or email us at bridgewaterwomencenter@gmail.com.